Divinations by Selah




Born and raised in the deep South and descending from a lineage of gifted readers, Selah has been giving professional readings in the Southern Rootwork Divination style for over twenty years.

Sometimes students, when studying card reading, wonder about meaning. If they memorize the meanings assigned to certain cards, will this help? Sure. Though this is when I say some iteration of, “What conditions must be present in order to best position one’s multiple selves in the guts of the flux, all while remaining sentient, multi-conversant, oriented towards upliftment, and able, through a variety of modes and practices, to offer visibility to some poignant patterns?”

Being an effective reader is contingent upon the quality of presence with which one positions oneself in the constant stream of information and texts. That stream is wherever you are, all of the time, in every grand place, and in every suffering pit.

How are you in it? How does your awareness participate? How do you read and write there? What syntactical logics emerge from such writing, and what do they say towards being? In this place I wrote with water; in this place, an extinguished match; here, blood and cheap perfume; here, nothing.

* From Ideal Suggestions: Essays in Divinatory Poetics by Selah Saterstrom (Essay Press, 2017)