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Divination Sessions

Divination Sessions

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What is a remote divination session?

The remote divination format I use allows me to read for clients all over the world. Additionally, this format enables me to get in as much information as I am able during our session time. As such, clients do not have to be physically present for this sort of divination. 

After booking an appointment, I will contact you to confirm your appointment and also request that you send me up to 3 questions (questions can have multiple parts, if necessary).

When you send me your questions, please know that in so doing you are giving me permission to access the divinatory sphere on your behalf on the day of our session.

Once I have your questions, on the day of your booking, I prepare and activate my divination altar, and, working with my guides and helpers, enter the divinatory sphere with your questions in hand. I record your reading, using a high quality recording program, and then send this to you as an audio mp3 file, which can be easily saved and opened in iTunes. Clients receive readings before midnight (Mountain Standard Time) on the date of their booked appointment.

Note: You will receive an email from WeTransfer, containing a downloadable link to your reading. These files do not seem to open on cell phones, but open easily on computers and tablets.

Gift Certificates are available upon request. 

Full payment is due upon booking. At checkout, please choose the Sending to a Friend option. A note on cancellations: a full refund will be issued if you cancel your session within 24 hours of your session. If you create an account after booking, you will also have the opportunity to reschedule at any time, up until 24 hours before your scheduled session. Refunds are not issued after the completion and delivery of your reading.

Image 1: Joan Miró, "This Is the Color of My Dreams" (detail), 1925
Image 2: "Reliquary of the Virgin’s Veil" (detail), Southern Netherlands, early 15th-century
Image 3: "Marie Laveau’s tomb," Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1.